Starting Over Supplies

Providing basic needs

Providing Basic Needs

Starting Over Supplies works with local social service agencies and other charitable organizations in Tucson to make sure that a helping hand is always there for people with limited financial resources who are attempting to rebuild their lives. The Starting Over Supplies program is aimed principally at assisting people who have left shelters, have escaped abusive home situations, are refugees or are below the poverty level and need basic household supplies in order to live independently.

Our volunteers, guided by the input from social workers in the organizations with which we partner, make up kits filled with basic supplies for the bedroom, kitchen, and bath and adjust them for different sizes of households. Our partner agencies (refer to our Annual Report for a list) pick the kits up and distribute them to their clients. All items in the kits are purchased new. Starting Over Supplies kits allow those who are starting over with very limited financial resources to set up their new homes.

How it Works

Social Service agencies in Tucson complete a contract with Assistance League. The agency workers e-mail a completed Starting Over Supplies request form to Assistance League for each client and our Members pack the requested supplies into a nice laundry basket and large plastic bags if extra bedding and towels are needed for larger families. These kits are packed at our Philanthropic Programs Center and are picked up by agency workers who deliver them to those clients in need.

This program which offers a new beginning for so many people is funded from the proceeds of fundraising activities, Thrift Shop sales, donations, and grants. Every contribution makes a difference to the underserved in Tucson.

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