Assault Survivor Kits®

Helping assault victims recover dignity

Helping Assault Survivors Recover Dignity

Assistance League of Tucson joins with Southern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault (SACASA), Southern Arizona Children’s Advocacy Center (SACAC) and Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse to respond to the needs of victims of domestic violence, sexual, mental and/or physical abuse, and human trafficking in our community.

Through its Assault Survivor Kits® program, Assistance League of Tucson provides basic clothing and toiletries to the agencies listed above. The agencies then disperse the items directly to their clients. When someone has been a victim – of any gender identity – of sexual assault and/or physical abuse, the victim may have to turn over their clothing to law enforcement as possible evidence. Clients range in age from infant to adults.

How it Works

Our volunteers purchase brand new clothing that is specifically requested by the agencies to have on hand for victims. SACASA personnel provide the clothing and toiletries to the victim when the forensic exam at a local hospital is complete. The victim is allowed to shower and change into clean, new clothes to wear when leaving the medical facility. Thanks to the efforts of Assistance League, SACASA has a ready supply of clothing and toiletries to provide to victims.

Assistance League of Tucson supports Southern Arizona Children’s Advocacy Center (SACAC) which conducts forensic interviews, medical exams and provides counseling to children and their families of any gender identity, infant to 18 years old. Brand new clothing, toiletries, and basic snacks are provided to the children. Clothing may have to be put into evidence and often these children may have to be removed from their current residency. The clothing and toiletries assist them with the transition to a new home. Personnel at SACAC report that the opportunity for the child to choose a new outfit of clothing and a snack helps them feel like they have some control over their lives. This helps them to feel empowered to enter a new chapter in their lives.

Basic clothing and toiletries are provided by Assistance League of Tucson to the victims of domestic abuse that are seeking assistance from Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse. Emerge is the largest provider of comprehensive domestic abuse services and programs in southern Arizona.

The aim of Assault Survivor Kits® is to reduce some of the trauma of sexual, mental, and physical abuse experienced by members of our local community. Dignity is restored and our help assists the victim in allowing the healing process to begin.

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