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How does your donation help?

Your donation may qualify for AZ Tax Credit

Assistance League of Tucson is a qualifying charity for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit.  Your tax credit donation, which offsets your state tax liability, will help to ensure that those in need in Tucson will continue to benefit from our programs.

When you donate to Assistance League, you can receive a tax credit that reduces - dollar for dollar - the amount of state taxes owed.  Arizona residents who file jointly can claim a credit of up to $800, and single payers are eligible for a credit of up to $400.  The deadline for claiming Arizona tax credits has been extended to April 15.  Please consult your tax advisor for more information. 

How does your donation help?

Donating to Assistance League of Tucson's programs is about more than giving material items to those in need.  Whether your gift benefits Operation School Bell® where it could be used to provide new shoes to a little girl who is wearing her sister’s ragged hand-me-downs; or the Share-A-Bear Program where it puts a Teddy Bear into the hands of a child devastated by abuse; or Starting Over Supplies to give new basic essentials for the kitchen, bedroom, and bath to those starting over in life; or Assault Survivor Kits® that gives a victim needing clothes to wear home when the police keep theirs for evidence, it is about giving hope and dignity to children and adults so that they can envision a better future for themselves.

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