Pre-Columbian Pottery Llama Effigy And Baby


Pre-Columbian llama effigy from the Chancay culture of central coast Peru, circa 1000-1200CE. This is a massive hand built pottery effigy of a llama supporting its balloon shaped body with four sturdy nubbin legs. The prominent hollow body has a pointed tail and vent hold for firing on the center of the back. All is slip painted with checkered patterning in thick black pigments on a cream surface. The black pigment creates a bumpy texture in some areas where the slip pooled or bubbled while firing. Camelids such as llamas, alpacas, and vicunas were invaluable to Pre-Columbian cultures, and this portly animal perhaps symbolizes fertility and abundance. In good condition for its age, it has a small crack on the body and chips on the ears. Measures 3″W.

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