Passap Electronic 6000 Knitting Machine *Read Description*


This Passap E6000 is considered to be one of the best machines you can buy. This product is contained within 6-7 boxes, some are very large and heavy. It appears to be new, but without taking it all apart and putting it together we are not sure of its contents. So we have decided to HEAVILY discount its current market value and sell it AS-IS in its boxes. Parts for this machine are widely available and are in high demand. The life of these machines is impressive & the quality of work they do is considered immaculate. I am going to include a link below that will give you more information. We have a gigantic manual that comes with it that lists all functions and how to perform them as well. These sell used on eBay for anywhere from $2500-$4000 in the right markets. Let our loss be your gain!


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