Liberty Puzzle – Tulips in a Vase


Liberty Puzzles are a nostalgic entry to the golden age of wooden jigsaw puzzles. Inspired by the hand-cut wooden jigsaw puzzles of yore, Liberty puzzles are made with 1/4″ three-ply plywood. Utilizing the technology of our modern age, the puzzles are laser cut. This allows the creation of beautifully complex pieces, including “whimsy” pieces, hand-designed in the shape of plants, animals, and geometric designs that complement the image of each puzzle.

Tulips in a Vase is in good condition. One piece has a small part broken off and one piece has a small chip out of the top layer. Hours of fun to enjoy the whimsical pieces and learn how to put together a puzzle with no edge pieces!

Dimensions: 8” x 13.75” 244 pieces

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